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This property is located in a major development spearheaded by the City of Chilliwack Official Community Plan. The first subdivision completed in this area (called Lindy's Landing) was wildly popular. 


We were fortunate to purchase these two properties that total 2.5 acres. The location is what has made this a popular area. Only a short walk from the famous Vedder River, and close to key amenities such as Garrison Crossing as well as the Justice Institute Training Center, RCMP Training Center, and the University of the Fraser Valley Trades and Technology Campus many have moved into this area as Chilliwack continues to grow. 


This project will see a 19 lot bareland strata with row homes built, and then a 52 unit apartment building.

Purchased: August 2015​

      - Rowhome Project Completed: July 2020


      - Apartment Project Completed: June 2022

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